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“Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.” – This quote by the great Warren Buffet summarises what School Xchange stands for.

We at LIFE EDUCARE have created this platform for helping individuals/ institutes/ companies to come together and either help them in Selling their Schools or with the Purchase of any school through us. 

Through this platform we wish to provide complete set of services to our clients in the transition process. Our clients can expect complete integrity, honesty, fair and best practice services from an experienced and professional team.

What do you wish to do :
Buy an Existing SchoolSell an existing School

What do we offer at School Xchange?


  1. An international level platform for Educational Infrastructure sellers & Buyers
  2. A platform to reach a wide variety of clients
  3. Availability of options across Price Bands and Categories
  4. Access to the Founders wide network of clients and database


    • FEASIBILITY of the Investment
    • Third Party Valuation Services / Counter Check
      • Real Estate
      • Legal
      • Academic Due Diligence by Education/ Academic Expert
      • Financial Due Diligence Financial Modeling by a certified Chartered Accountant


    • Cash Flow Management
    • Project Finance
    • Tax Advisory


    • Evaluations of Infrastructure Compliances as per Affiliation board norms
    • Advice on the legal structuring of the school as per the acquisition or merger
    • Creation of a new trust /society / company for the take over body
    • Regulatory Road Map in terms of Legal requirements and compliance-Regulatory approvals
      • Draft letters & list of permissions for running of school
      • Draft letters & list of documentation for affiliation of school
    • Formation of Auxiliaries to optimize revenue

School Strategic Consultancy & Human Resource Management

    • Strategic Management of the existing brand / Creation of the new entity
    • Curriculum Management & Handholding
    • Team Transition & Recruitment
    • Affiliation Assistance CBSE/ ICSE/ IGCSE / IB
    • Creation of Standard Operations & Procedures
      • Recruitment
      • Vendor
      • Parents
      • Students
      • Administrative Processes
    • Vendor Management


Get in touch with us, we can help you get the best deal for you at the same time help you with the transition. Kindly get in touch by filling the form below.



What do you wish to do :
Buy an Existing SchoolSell an existing School