School Management

School Management Best Practices

School Management

Q.1 Who will finally control the functioning of the school?

The registered Trust / Society constituted under Indian Trust Act 1882 / Societies Registration Act – 1860 with be responsible for the establishment and administration/management of the school as per the objectives set forth in the Trust Deed / Memorandum of Association and bye-laws of the Trust / Society. The Trust / Society will have absolute powers to frame or amend or modify rules and regulations, objectives, policy directives for administration and management of the school, in accordance with the relevant laws of the Trust/Society, the organizational set-up of LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. Managed schools will be as follows:


Q.2 Will your have experts and celebrities in the field of Sports, Music, and Creativity in the Management Committee?

As per affiliation bye-laws of CBSE, all schools have to constitute a School Management Committee (SMC) comprising a minimum of 11 members and a maximum of 21 members. In the School, SMC will, inter alia, comprise 02 Educationists, 01 female educator, 2 parents, two teachers and also an eminent personality in the field of art/culture and 01 professional administrator / CA / Doctor / Architect. The chairman of SMC should make all our efforts to approach the eminent personalities in their respective field and have them included in the SMC with their prior and written consent. In addition, any other celebrity in the field of games/sports may also be included in the SMC.


Q.3 What will be the various committees which will help the functioning of the school?

  1. a) As per the organizational set-up, all LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. Managed Schools will function under the overall administrative control of the Trust. The day-to-day functioning of the school will be entrusted to the School Management Committee (SMC) by the Trust. The SMC will manage the school as per the objectives and vision of the Trust and will be assisted by four subcommittees to ensure the efficient functioning of the school. The four sub-committees of the SMC are:
  2. I) Finance / Executive Committee
  3. II) Staff Selection Committee

III) Sports / Extra-Curricular Activities Committee

  1. IV) Co-curricular / Cultural Affairs Committee
  2. V) Various Other Academic committees formed by the principal such as examination, events, quiz, science, discipline etc.
  3. b) All complaints or matters pertaining to the functioning of the school will be brought to the notice of the Principal (Administrative Head) of the school or any of the subcommittees or School Management Committee.

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