Affiliation from state board

Q.1 Who will grant the permissions in the State Education Department for opening School?

Since the School Ltd. will have classes from standard I to VI, necessary permission to start the School will have to be obtained from the local District Education Officer (primary wing). However, some States in the Country have classified Standard I to IV as Primary and Classes V as Secondary. As such, two approvals are required from such States, One from Primary Wing and another from Directorate of Secondary Education for starting classes for standard V. The details of States requiring 1 or 2 Approvals / Permissions and authority granting such approval/permission are available with LIFE Educare Pvt. Ltd.


Q2. Will there be a requirement for any permission of the State Education Department to open the School?

The subject of education has been included in the concurrent list in the Constitution of India. Therefore, prior approval of the State Government will be required for opening of a new school in the private sector, irrespective of the board of Affiliation and medium of instruction.

Q3. Will there be any need to obtain any Clearance / Certificate from the State Government ( Ministry of HRD / Education) for affiliation of the school with CBSE?

‘No Objection Certification’ (NOC) issued by the State Government (Ministry of HRD / Education or Secretary “Education”) of the concerned State Government of the School with CBSE. This is required at the Stage of approval with CBSE in Year 02.

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