Design School Syllabus

Designing School Syllabus

Designing School Syllabus

Q.1 What are the important features of the curriculum in all ‘LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. Managed  Schools’?

Keeping in view the spirit of the National Curriculum Framework 2005 LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. MANAGED School shall adopt activity-based, child-centered and joyful teaching-learning programme. At the upper primary level, the activities will be more broad-based and suited to children of the higher age group, namely teacher demonstrations, practical work; surveys; nature trails, seminars, and computer-aided teaching-learning programs. Every teacher in the school will prepare a well-thought-out action plan in the Teacher’s diary, before taking up the teaching-learning program in the class. To assist the teacher in preparing the action plan, a Teacher’s Manual containing unit plans and worksheets have been developed by LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. These manuals contain guidelines for teaching lesson in all subjects from standard I to X, based on the new NCERT curriculum based on the National Curriculum Framework for schools (NCFS – 2005), promulgated by Ministry of HRD, Government of India. The worksheets appended to each unit/lesson will evaluate students’ comprehension of the subject matter. Over-emphasis on rote learning, cramming and text-book centered teaching, followed by pen and paper sit-down tests will be avoided, as this approach leaves hardly any scope for the spontaneous development of the children, cultivation of appropriate skills and attitudes among the children will be planned.

Textbooks and workbooks prescribed by the NCERT in the subjects of Hindi, English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies / Science & Social Science will be followed in CBSE affiliated School in all the classes.

The Special Educators will also be appointed for identification and counseling of children with learning disabilities/dyslexia.

Q.2 What about the syllabus, are we going along with CBSE / ICSE, and modifying it as per our guidelines?

  1. All schools affiliated to CBSE are required to follow the curriculum given in the books published by NCERT. The ‘ Teacher’ Manual’ and ‘Work Sheets’ must also be based on NCERT books to facilitate an effective teaching-learning process in the schools. The scope lies in pedagogy.

Q.3 i) What streams will the school have for plus 2 students, in terms of science, commerce, and humanities?

  1. ii) Which all streams of education will the schools be offering to the plus two students?

Presently, it is planned that all schools will conduct classes up to Sr. Secondary (Class XII) level. The introduction of various streams/combinations in Humanities, Commerce & Science at the Sr Secondary stage (10+2),  will be undertaken subject to availability of the sufficient number of students and infrastructure in the school. In case of the sufficiency of infrastructure, the school will enroll students for science stream and one or two other streams subject to availability of at least 15 children in these streams.

Q.4 Will the school have laboratories for humanities as well as psychology etc?

The school is aimed to be set-up Six Laboratories for a (10+2) schools, comprising three science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), Computer Laboratory, Language Laboratory, and Mathematics Laboratory. The school may also add any additional laboratory pertaining to Social Science & Environment Science subjects at a later stage, and depending on specific academic modeling undertaken by the LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD’s Academic Team

Q.5 How will the Curriculum of LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. Managed Schools be structured?

All LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. Managed schools are aimed to follow the curriculum promulgated by NCERT. This scheme envisages general education for 10 years followed by diversified education at the +2 stage. At the end of Class X, the students will appear at the All India Secondary School Examination conducted by the CBSE. The concept of child-centered and activity-based education and modern teaching-learning methodologies will be emphasized at all stages in the School.

Q.6 Will regional language be an additional subject in schools?

As per the NCERT curriculum, English & Hindi will be the compulsory languages to be taught in LIFE Educare Pvt. Ltd. from standard I to X. The third language will be decided as per the region in which the School is located.

Q.7 Will the students have an access to the Internet? If yes, what would be the criteria for the same?

The School is aimed to have a state-of-the-art computer laboratory to provide quality computer education. The computer laboratory will aim to provide unlimited internet access to all students from standard I to XII. A few Schools will also have Wi-Fi connectivity enabling the students to avail of wireless Internet connectivity from any location within the campus.

Q.8 What special steps will be taken for the education of Children with Learning Disabilities?

A disorder affecting a student’s ability to interpret what he/she sees or hears or link information from different parts of the brain is considered a Learning Disability (LD). The most common treatment for LD is a special education. The School will initiate the following steps for these students.

a Specially Trained educator to assess child’s academic & intellectual potential.

  1. b) Reinforce virtually what is written on the blackboard or projected on the screen.
  2. c) Acquire special LD software particularly in Language Laboratories.
  3. d) Allow up to 50% additional time to write tests.
  4. e) Conduct the Test / Examination in a separate quiet room.
  5. f) Allow the question paper to be read to students with LD.
  6. g) Vary examination format to accommodate student’s individual learning style.

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