Designing Co-Curricular for Schools

Co Curricular Activities School

Co-Curricular Activities

Q1. What kind of co-curricular activities will be there in the School?

The School will aim to provide an environment in the school that encourages the development of “Multiple Intelligences” & inner talents of the children, facilitating them to express through music, creative and performing arts. The schools will also aim to provide wide open spaces and playgrounds to encourage and conduct a variety of games, sports, gymnastics, and calisthenics to inculcate qualities of team spirit, leadership and development of skills in organizing ability, interpersonal relations, planning & problem-solving.

Q2. i) What types of extra-curricular activities are planned?

  1. ii) Will the school be taking students on educational trips? If yes from which standard onwards?

LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. Managed will also lay special emphasis on extra-curricular activities to ensure the cultural development of the children and bring about a fine synthesis between modern technology and cultural traditions. Accordingly, as a part of extra-curricular activities, all students from standard I to XII will be taken on organized visits to monuments, museums, sanctuaries, national centers of scientific importance on a regular basis in India and encouraged to participate in adventurous activities organized by the School.

Q3. How often will the students be taken on field trips and to what all places?

To encourage the students for participation in adventure activities, a variety of outward- bound schemes are aimed to be organized, primarily during the autumn break, winter break & summer vacations. The participation in the adventure activities will be permissible to the students mainly from the 6th standard onwards.

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