Land Requirement

Land Requirement for Affiliated School

Land Requirement for Affiliated School

Q.1 Can anybody convert already existing state board School into a CBSE  School? What are the formalities for that?

As per the CBSE affiliation bylaws, the school will be required to have a minimum of 1 Acres of land in Non-Metro and 0.75 acres of land in metro locations. In addition, the classrooms have to be spacious with a minimum area of 1 SM per student and the school should also have the necessary infrastructure with sufficient open spaces for playfields to conduct various sports and games. In case these stipulated conditions are met, it would be possible to convert the existing school into a CBSE School.


Q.2 Will, the land for school have to be in a commercial area or even a residential area would do?

While planning new residential areas/colonies, the Urban Development Authorities of the State Government, generally earmark a few plots of land for setting up the new schools in that area. These plots of land also known as “Institutional Land” are allotted to the Trusts / Societies interested to establish schools in the private sector. In case the Institutional Land is not readily available, the Trust / Society may acquire stipulated quantity of land for the setting- up of LIFE Educare Pvt. Ltd. managed School. However, in such cases, the approval of urban development/town planning authority will be required to re-appropriate the commercial/residential / agriculture land into the Institutional Land.

Q.3 Can a small school with less land can Start  School and later on buy additional land?

  1. The Trust/society willing to open a new school will have to be in possession or willing to acquire the minimum stipulated quantity of land namely 0.75 Acre in Metro cities & 1.5 Acres in other cities/towns, at one location. The plot of land should be an integral piece of 1.5 Acre or 0.75 Acre and no piecemeal addition is permitted by CBSE/CISCE.

Q.4 i) How much minimum quantity of land is required for starting  School?

  1. ii) Has CBSE / CISCE laid any criteria for land for the schools?

iii) What would be the size of land required for the state-of-the-art school?

  1. a) The minimum requirement of land as laid by CBSE for opening School is given in the Table below:

Sr. No. Proposed Location of School                  Min. requirement of Land

i         Any urban/rural Area                                                1.5 Acres (8094SM)

ii        Metropolitan cities with population              0.75 Acres (4047SM)

exceeding 25lakhs

iii       NCT, Delhi                                                        2000SM ( For sec school)

3000SM ( For Sr Sec School with

two streams)

4000 SM ( For Sr Sec School with

four streams)

iv        Hilly Areas                                                       1 Acre (4047 SM)

  1. b) Notwithstanding the minimum fixed requirement of land, all Trusts should make all-out efforts to procure maximum possible land at the time of commencement of the project to ensure the development of proper playgrounds and a spacious campus for the future healthy growth of the school.
  2. c) It is suggested that in Tier 2 and 3 cities, Society / Trust may consider the land of a minimum of 5-8 acres, or above. However, the overall cost of land and the feasibility of the project must be weighed. Further, some established Brands have their own stipulation of minimum land areas in establishing the School.

Q.5 In whose name the land should be registered? Is there any provision of the lease instead of a purchase?

The land acquired for the school should be owned and registered in the name of the Trust / Society. In case of leased land, the lease deed should be registered in the name of the Trust/ Society for a minimum period of 30 years.

Q.6 How much land is required for a residential school?

The residential schools were established in the pre-independence era during the British rule, primarily to cater to the educational needs of the elite section of the society and developed over a vast expanse of land from 50 to 150 Acres. However, in the present scenario, it is considered that availability of land in the range of 10-30 acres will be essential for creating the multifarious infrastructure needed for multi-faceted development of children in such schools. Additional 5 to 10 Acres of land may also be acquired in case a Mini-Golf Course, Race Course, etc is also planned.


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