Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff at a School

Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff at a School

Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff at a School

Q.1 What will be the student-teacher ratio?

Ideally all LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. Managed Schools aim to have 30 children in each class. As regards the teachers, they will be 1.5 teachers for each class in the School. Thus the student-teacher ratio in the school will be 20:1 or lower.

Q.2 Can the school have visiting faculty apart for the fixed ones? If yes, what will be the criteria for appointing them?

As per the CBSE Bye-laws, a school is required to appoint fully qualified teaching faculty on a regular basis. The teachers can be appointed on a contractual basis provided the school is unable to get a subject teacher on a permanent basis. Visiting faculty for the academic subject will not be permitted in the school. However, faculties for extra school activities and seminars and conferences will be called on a regular basis.

Q.3 What will be the process of recruitment of the Principal?

The principals in LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. Managed Schools are to have high qualities of personal leadership and innovative management skills to lead the high – tech world-class schools in the future years. Depending upon the requirement, the ‘School’ will be issuing advertisements in leading newspapers for the selection of the principals at various locations. Leading web recruiting portals will also be used to source in potential candidates. The Principals of all LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. MANAGED Schools will be appointed on a transfer basis and as per their strengths, they will be transferred.

Q.4 What support will LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. provides in recruiting the teachers?

The School Management Committees will have to issue advertisements in the location newspapers for selection/appointment of teachers in the respective schools. The format for the advertisement is given in the Operation Manual. Leading web recruiting portals will also be used to source in potential candidates. In addition,‘ LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD.  also has a vast data bank of the prospective teachers, which will be forwarded to all the Schools to have a wide choice for selection of the teachers.


Q.5 i) Will LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD.  help in recruiting the Administration staff?

  1. ii) Will LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. MANAGED have a role in appointing the Non-teaching staff or the school authority will decide on the same?

The details of non-teaching staff required to be positioned in s School are given in the Operations Manual. The respective School Management Committee should advertise the vacancies for the non-teaching staff in the local newspapers. The selection of non-teaching staff will be the prerogative of the School Management Committee and LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. will be providing all support for recruitment of non-teaching staff required by the schools, as per the Agreement.

Q.6 Can schools outsource the services of the Non-teaching staff?

As a matter of policy, all Schools should focus on their core-competencies for delivering quality education & outsource the non-critical school activities. The services fothe r following areas/departments are recommended to be outsourced rather than staff on a permanent basis:

  1. a) Security Personnel
  2. b) House Keeping Services / Conservancy Staff
  3. c) Arboricultural (maintenance of lawns/gardens) Services

Q.7 i) What can be the minimum qualification of the staff?

  1. ii) What is the minimum qualification of teachers for recruitment?

All the Teaching staff should have the necessary educational and professional qualifications as prescribed by CBSE. The details are given LIFE Educare Pvt. Ltd. managed:

Sr.         Post                                                               Qualifications


1        Principal                                 Master Degree (Or Equivalent) with B.Ed. or its

equivalent and 5 years of teaching experience in

Secondary / Sr. Secondary Classes

2        TEACHER                                   (Trained Post Graduate / Graduate in English / Physics /

Graduate Teacher)          Chemistry / Mathematics / Botany & Zoology / Social

Science with B.Ed.

3        Junior                                     Teacher Graduate in English /Hindi/ Mathematics / Physics /

(Primary Teacher)                                Chemistry /Botany & Zoology /social Science with B.Ed.


4         Physical                                 Graduate in Physical Education or B.P. Ed.


5         MUSIC TEACHER                                 Graduate in/ with Music from a recognized university or

Secondary with Sangeet Visharad / Sangeet Vidya /

Sangeet Prabhakar / Sangeet Visharad / Sangeet Ratna.

6         SENIOR COMPUTER                B.Tech (Computer Science) or MCA or BCA or Graduate

Teacher                                 / with 2 – year diploma in computer science.


7         ART       &       CRAFT               Graduate with drawing & Painting / Art / Fine Arts with

TEACHER                                   2-years full-time diploma or MA in Drawing & Painting /

Diploma in Painting / Fine arts.

Q.8 i) To start with how many teachers do we need to appoint in a school up to 6thstandard?

  1. ii) What is the minimum number of teachers that one needs to start the school?

Initially, School will function as 2 – Section Primary School conducting classes from standard I to VI. The requirement of teachers for running a 2 –Section School with classes from Standard I to VI is given in the following table:


Post under Teaching staff Category             No. of Teaching staff *

Principal                                                                                 1

Vice – principal                                                                    1

Senior Teacher                                                                 Nil

Teacher (Graduate Trained Teacher)                              2

Junior Teacher (Primary Teacher)                                  8

Computer Teacher                                                              1

Physical Education Teacher                                             1

Art & Craft / Drawing Teacher                                        1

Music                                                                                    1

Total                                                                                  16

*Subject to change, general estimates only.


Post under Non-Teaching staff category            No. of Non- Teaching staff*

Senior Administration Executive                                          1

Junior Accountant                                                                    1

Office Assistant / Data Entry Operator                                3

Receptionist                                                                               1

Security Guard                                                                          6

Peon / Plumber/ electrician                                                   5

Others                                                                                         2

TOTAL                                                                              18

*Subject to change, general estimates only.

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