Starting a school needs a lot of planning. If you are setting up a school, do it right the first time. Set a realistic goal when establishing a time frame and ensure that you have set aside an adequate amount of time to properly plan out every single little detail rather than rushing the entire process and comprising on the quality of your school.

There are some crucial steps you need to keep in mind when starting a school. The first action that needs to be undertaken by you would be the Formation & Registration of a Trust, Society or a Section 8 Company. The most important factor to remember is that the Trust or a Society formed is of a Non-For-Profit nature. This is a mandatory step that needs to be taken so ensure that it is done so after carefully understanding every aspect of this. An estimated time frame for this that should be kept in mind would be about 3-4 weeks. 

Then you would be required to zero down on the Land on which the school would be built on. Finalizing the optimal location and land size according to the guidelines (Affiliating Board Norms and State Govt. Norms) while making sure there is an enough area for the kind of school you are looking to build is the key. Proper paperwork and registration of the selected land would need to be done before the commencement of the next step. Depending upon the location, the land and the type of school, the estimated time that this could take could be between 4-12 weeks.

Moving forward, Architectural Planning and Designing is a process that will form the basis of your school. To avoid any issues at a later stage. Plan out a blueprint ahead of time and timelines of various construction activities like foundation, structure, finishing, landscaping and furnishing has to be set. According to your time and budget, a proposition needs to be created whether the school will be built in one phase, two phases or three. Every detail has to be taken into account to ensure that the project doesn’t run out of money. This is a process that might take time, approximately 4-8 weeks or even more. This needs to be done diligently and without cutting any corners. Submitting your Building Plans to the Municipal Authorities for sanction is the next thing which one needs to do. It should not be forgotten that you will not be able to start building without their approval, and this might take around 4-10 weeks. 

After ensuring that everything is in order so far, the next step would be to begin the construction of the school. This is the process that will end up taking the longest, possibly 36-44 weeks. Following the construction plan and sticking to the timeline would result in no delays and you would also benefit from an economic and financial standpoint. It is also important to note that all the rules and regulations must be strictly adhered to by so that school running permission and the Affiliation process doesn’t have any complications.

Once you have the basic infrastructure ready and built according to the way it had been envisioned, the last and final step before moving on to the operations would the proper furnishing and interiors of the school. Certain classrooms especially the pre primary and primary grades could follow certain theme as per the curriculum. You would have the liberty to be as creative as you wish while planning the interiors of the school as long as it benefits the students.

Ideally, a time period of 55 – 70 weeks  (between 12-18 months) is required to start a school from start to finish. A lot of activities need to be run parallel and a lot of time and dedication would be required.


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