Most of the schools in our country are designed without the involvement of the teaching community. When the design process starts, neither the teachers nor the principal is identified for the school. The comfort of the students, who are the users of the building, is not really thought about as well. With changes in the mode of curriculum delivery, there is a need for an integrated approach towards school design where the comfort of all the stakeholders of the school is being taken care. Team LIFE has experience of being a part of the design process for over 50 schools in various parts of the country. LIFE EDUCARE has joined with a number of school design architects from all over the country for its various projects.  Based on the geographical location and logistic suitability, we suggest architects to our clients. We have an in-house expert in school architecture and interior design.

Our interior designs consider factors like convenience, colour patterns and its impact on learning, aesthetic sense and the curriculum. Our recommended furniture is ergonomically suitable and is durable.