LIFE EDUCARE has a set of efficient trainers, both in-house and associates who are experts in giving impactful trainings to the teachers, students and also workshops for parents. Our LIFE SKILLS module is equipped with necessary transformational tools that assist a school in ‘Whole School Transformation’. The schools, which are setup by LIFE EDUCARE have a training calendar where regular trainings and feedbacks are provided to the school so that the corrective measures are taken and the institution runs as per the plan. We also provide our training services to a select few (non LIFE EDUCARE managed) institutions that are working towards excellence.


We train in the following areas:


Pedagogy, Classroom Management, Education Technology, Taxonomies / HOTS, Child Psychology and Millennial Teaching Techniques, Integrated Learning and various subject specific workshops for early years, primary years, middle years and senior teachers.

We also customize training programs as per the objectives specified by the school management.



Career Counselling, Stress Management, Goal Setting, Technology and its Importance in Learning, Session on Adolescence and Gender Equality.



Parenting for Millennial Kids, Child Psychology, Active Parenting, Empowering and Disciplining Your Child.


We also conduct a school audit. Our audits are not only based upon the academic requirements of the affiliating board. Our audits are all pervasive and it is a 360-degree school Audit.

It covers areas like – 

School Administration,

Human Resource Audit

Process Audit

Financial Process Audit,

Facilities Audit

Regulatory / Compliance Audit

Parent Satisfaction

Social Audit