In India when someone sets up a new school, he / she is either dependent upon senior educators or on the franchise operators. Senior educators provide advise based on their prior experience and are unable to guide the promoters on project planning, admission strategies, creative and content design, statutory approvals, recruitment and trainings.


On the other hand, the franchise operators charge a hefty sum to just lend their name and their standard operating procedures. They do not provide customized solutions, and in a lot of cases, do not support on ground level. The franchise fee that they charge is huge in comparison to the services they provide. However, the real challenge for the promoter is not to pay the franchise fee but to pay the royalty for the next 15-20 years which ranges from anywhere between 7-12 percent of the total school fee. This is a reason why after 3-7 years, a lot of franchisees walk away from the association.


LIFE EDUCARE provides its services in all the areas where a franchisor or an educator supports the school, and we charge a fee for a fixed time to support the school. This enables the school for better delivery at reasonable cost, and not only for better deliveries but also a customized service which is appropriate for the local needs of the city in which the school is being set up.


We understand the compulsions an upcoming school has in terms of finances and resource persons’ availability. There are schools who are victims of their initial planning errors, brand positioning, capacity utilization and poor academic performance, and are unable to bring about a change due to higher faculty turnover.

At LIFE- EDUCARE, we not only work to cater to the requirement but we work continuously with the school towards achieving their goal. We offer one of the most unique services to standalone schools as a school consultant / school operator / school management company. We have brought about drastic changes in a few schools and today they are functioning as per the School Management’s Plan. Due to our geographical presence in cities like Delhi, Raipur, Mumbai and Bangalore, it is operationally feasible for us to mobilize our resources quickly.


Deliverables for Existing Schools –

LIFE HIRES – Recruitment & Talent Management


LIFE SKILLS – Trainings, Workshops & School Audit


LIFE Curriculum – Curriculum & Pedagogy


Standard Operating Procedures


Strategic Advisory


Information Technology, E-Learning & Communications


Creatives, Branding & Admission Planning