Every school that LIFE EDUCARE sets up is based on a detailed ground level research and has a realistic vision. When we start the recruitment process, the hiring is done as per the vision of the school. People who are in sync with the school’s vision or the ones who can adopt and adapt, are recruited.

LIFE HIRES is another innovative feather in our cap where we provide recruitment services primarily to the schools which are setup and / or managed by LIFE EDUCARE and also to a select few schools who believe in appointing quality teachers. We are NOT ‘Recruitment Consultants’ – just recruiting staff across the industries but we are a dedicated ‘Faculty Recruitment Organisation’.  We have a database of over 80,000 active teachers’ CVs and over 1000 Principals’ CVs in our network. We recruit the team as per the school’s vision and curriculum. The following are the services provided by us under LIFE HIRES:

Creating Efficient Organization Structure.

Assistance in Recruitment & Selection of Teaching & Non- Teaching Staff.

Creating Comprehensive Human Resource Manual

Guidance in formulating Staff Policies

Customized Induction & Orientation Programs