The bulwark of LIFE Educare is its founders who truly believe in the motto of 'Multiplying Potentials and Value Creation'. Here is a brief about the people who pump in blood and nurture LIFE.


Dr. Dhirendra Mishra, Founder

Dr. Mishra is an educator who believes that a teacher is the biggest differentiator in a student’s life. He has a total experience of twenty years in the field of education in various capacities and it was 10 years as a teacher to the core. Working with Good Shepherd International School, Ooty as teacher and House Master and The Nepal International School, Biratnagar, Nepal gave him the exposure of International Education. It was at Nepal that he started his Administrative career when he took charge of setting up and running of the whole school.

Dr. Mishra has mastered the art of teaching young minds with personal rapport and heart-to-heart connect with the students. He has taught all the boards i.e. CBSE, ICSE, CIE & IB. He holds a Doctorate in Business Management from Bhopal University and is also trained by The University of Cambridge to teach its courses.

His Teaching Degree has helped him in understanding the various education pedagogy and has helped him grow as a teacher trainer. He has trained more than 4500 teachers in various parts of the country. He is a thorough Professional when it comes to setting up and providing on going advisory to K -12 Schools and Management and Engineering Colleges. His advisory for Private Universities in the initial stages of formation has come in handy to the Universities.

With more than 2 decades of experience in Education, Shani Mishra makes a difference in whoever she comes across - be it a student, teacher, colleague or school as a whole via her skills in education that she has acquired over the years working at different levels in schools across India.

She has an eye for details. Errors do not escape easily from her. She has a fairly good understanding of human behavior and trusting her instincts have been fruitful. Her forte is the English Language. She has been trained by the British Council for training teachers teaching the English language. To hone her Literature skills, she is now pursuing her PhD in English. From a Teacher to a Principal to editing books to a Trainer to a Director, she has come a long way.

She has a hands-on experience in every aspect of running and managing a school. At LIFE, she takes care of the Academics, Training and Life Skills Development in the teachers and students of the different schools. She has a simple and a very practical approach to every situation. She strongly believes that one has to be messed up to advice not to mess up.

Shani Mishra, Director


Abhiney Singh, Director

A teacher, consultant, blogger and a media professional turned entrepreneur, he has a varied experience in the field of Education, Consulting, Strategic Planning / Branding & Marketing. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2010 by opening a K-12 school called Brighton International School at Raipur which has been an extremely successful venture. So much so that it is now being franchised.

His work experience includes tenures across various media verticals and profiles; from Media planning at Mindshare WPP to Brand Management at to Content & Strategy planning and production at Big Broadcasting & Big Productions. Over the years, he has managed to develop a considerable understanding of education in the consulting space and has also acquired the skills of marketing large sized brands.

He wishes to be a part of the great India story by playing his role in the field of Skills Development and Education. He also runs a self-help blog called 'Teach Club' on his own venture Brighton International School’s website. This blog has proved to be of great assistance to entrepreneurs in the field of education and schools. He is also an active member of the Rotary Club. He is an MBA from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) and an Engineer from NIT Raipur.

The team endowed with several experienced individuals brings together a great offering to the school promoter in the form of a great human intellectual capital and have shown tremendous results over a period of time.

Priya Madhyan - Manager Human Resource

An outstanding resource, Priya has been working with LIFE for more than 6 years now. She came in when LIFE was still at its budding state. She was told, point blank that she has to earn her salary. She didn’t back out and worked very hard is belittling, she put in her heart and soul to get business and to build the reputation of the company and to take the organization to the level of expertise, at which it works today.

She joined as the Manager of the HR dept. and has since been responsible for handling the entire working of the department. Prior to this, she was appointed as the HR and Operations Executive at Educomp Solutions Ltd. An MBA in HR, she was responsible for Recruitment, Time Management, Preparation of Salaries, and also the day to day operations of the company. At LIFE Educare, she is known for her stern directives. From the Founders to the Directors to the Support Staff, nobody gets into her area. What she says prevails.

Leaves – short or full are hardly asked. She does grant leave/s but her no nonsense demeanour keeps people guessing whether it will be granted or not. She is so respected and valued that she works from Allahabad and has total control over people working at Raipur or Bengaluru. She has been given the freedom to work as per the hours convenient to her. The clients too never stop praising her. She gives a patient hearing and conveys what can and will be done. Coming from a family of Civil Servants, combined with her education, she has the poise and the language skills her post requires. From one talent to another, Talent Acquisition is what she primarily does at LIFE.


Himanshu is the ‘go to’ person at LIFE and even for all of its clients. A part of the credit goes to his all-around 15 years of work experience and the remaining credit goes to his experience at LIFE. He travels extensively and has got a clear understanding of what corporate culture is all about. He is a quick learner and independently, he can handle all the departments. His previous work experience had prepared him thoroughly to take on the responsibilities at LIFE. He doesn’t leave any assignment midway. He diligently pursues and makes everyone else do the same till the work gets done.

His experience as the Admin. Head at a school has helped LIFE and its clients in managing the Operations and Affiliations in schools. He is quick with all the paper work and has every info at his fingertips. He makes everything look very easy too. The clients have to just follow the specific tasks listed out by him and the job gets done. He is well versed with the working in the govt. departments. And liaison with all levels of people at the govt. offices is kind of his second nature. It is not restricted to one state either. He does it in all the states where LIFE has set up schools.

His degree in Computer Application from NIIT and experience of 6 years at NSEIT Limited (National Stock Exchange IT Ltd) in its Online Examination & Assessment Services Department where he had efficiently lead the teams of 4 states across the country and also the experience of working as a Teacher in Computer Science at DPS, Bilaspur and NTPC, Korba for 3 years, has helped schools with all the IT related work.

He is into Business Development too. He can proudly and safely mention a good number of schools, to which LIFE provides its services now as the ones he got business from. His answers are enough for new clients to join hands with LIFE.

Himanshu Tiwari - Manager Operations, Business Development, Affiliations