Building requirement for Affiliated School
Building requirement for Affiliated School

Q.1 i) What will be the layout of the school building?

  1. ii) Will LIFE Educare Pvt. Ltd. provide the layout of the school building?

iii) What are the specifications of the school building?

The school building intends to provide basic infrastructure in a school. The layout and architectural design of the school building, therefore, needs to be planned carefully and meticulously. The School building could be planned as U-shaped or V-shaped or such other shape as finalized with the Architect and so oriented as to ensure maximum cross ventilation, minimizing solar heat gain and taking full advantage of natural light.

Keeping in view the requirement of vast playfields and open spaces for the physical development of the children by conducting games and sports activities within the school campus, the ideal configuration for the school building at non-metro stations could be Ground plus two floors (G+3). Due to the paucity of land in the metros, the configuration for the school building at metro locations could be modified to Ground Plus Four Floors (G+4).

The well-researched architectural designs for LIFE Educare Pvt. Ltd. schools for metro as well as Non-Metro locations prepared by reputed Architects can be made available by LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. The salient features of these architectural designs are as follows:

  1. i) The school building at the non-metro location will facilitate the functioning of a 3/5-section school from standard I to XII with 45-60 classrooms with all laboratories, activity rooms, library/learning center, spacious canteen, auditorium, conference room and a plethora of accommodation for office and staff.
  2. ii) The school building at the metro location will facilitate the functioning of a 3-section school from standard I to XII with 45 classrooms strictly adhering to the norms of the board.

Keeping in view the different shape and size of the Land at various locations the architectural design and municipal drawings for the building plans, we need to customize as per the local conditions. Each School is unique and designed within the local socio-cultural context. In order to benefit from the architectural experience of our impaneled architects, you may please contact us for details of their services and projects undertaken at the individual level by these architects.

Q2. (i) Is it possible to have 2 locations namely primary at one location (city) and secondary at the other (outskirts with hostel)?

(ii) Can a school be divided into two or more segments (Primary, Secondary, and Senior Secondary), as in some areas getting a huge place might not be possible?

As per the CBSE / ICSE affiliation bye-laws, all the three stages comprising primary / Middle, Secondary and Sr Secondary wings of the School will have to be operated from a single location. The entire school may function in a single building or different blocks at the same location. The only exception where CBSE / ICSE may grant affiliation could be the case, where main school building and the playgrounds are separated by a public/private road. It may be noted that Kindergarten School or Play School is not part of the Primary School, and can be located in a separate location, away from the Main Campus.

Q4. Will anyone from LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. be stationed at that place while constructing the building to help the Trust / Society to ensure the smooth progress of the project?

The services of the Architect engaged by the LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. can be made available to all the Trusts to customize the architectural designs of the school building, as per the terms and conditions mutually agreed upon by both the parties. The Architect will pay periodic visits to the site to render professional advice at the various stages of construction of the school building. As regards the structural engineer and local supervisor for day-to-supervision of the school building, the same will have to be arranged locally by the Trust.

Q5. Before starting the construction, the building plan needs to be approved by whom?

Before commencement of construction of any school building complex, the requisite building plans are required to approved by the local Municipal Corporation / Municipal Committee / Town Area Committee / Village Panchayat. Accordingly, all LIFE Educare Pvt. Ltd. will have to submit the municipal drawings of the school building complex to the concerned authority for obtaining approval for construction of the new school building. The approval must be taken on Diverted Land with Land Use classified as Education.

Q6. Will the size of the school building vary as per the location?

The School building is the basic infrastructure needed for a school. The size of the school building will, therefore, depend upon on the vertical growth (Primary / Middle / Secondary / Sr Secondary) and the number of sections in each school. A normal (10+2) school with 4 sections from class I to X and 3 sections in class XI & XII will require 46 classrooms six laboratories and a number of other rooms for administrative support & co-curricular activities. Please refer to our document titled, “Campus Planning for School” for be-spoke details of the school campus proposed by our Education Management Team (EMT).

Q7. What would be the minimum number of classrooms to start with?

All our School will start functioning as primary Schools, conducting classes from standard I and up to standard VI. Generally, Schools also offer Play School as part of the Main School and offer admission for Play Way, Nursery, PP 1 and PP 2. Accordingly, the school will initially require classrooms commensurate with the total number of sections in the school, in addition to Computer Laboratory and administrative wing of 3 to 4 rooms.

Q8. What would be the best location for the school?

As far as possible, the school should neither be located on the roads with heavy traffic density & noise pollution nor in the narrow lanes/roads subject to traffic jams and inaccessible to school buses, away from the cluster of high rise building or polluting industrial units. The following factors must be considered before finalizing the site:

– Distance from the heart of city / Target Group and travel time by School Bus

– Cost of land in the context of overall project cost and feasibility

– Shape, dimensions, direction, and front-area of the land

– Type of soil and suitability for construction

– Availability of underground water and other sources of water

– Geo-topographical and geotechnical survey reports

– Other education projects in the vicinity

– Residential area development project and existing houses in the vicinity

– Climatic conditions and natural factors

– Approach road and surface road connectivity to City

– Keep in mind long-term view, at least a period of 25 years

– Legal disputes and problems from nearby village panchayats or other social groups

– Consider the economic status and perception of Society’s opinion makers of the part

of the city where the Campus is proposed (for e.g. what other prestigious projects are

planned around the vicinity of Campus)

– Local Government and Authorities regulations, bye-laws and guidelines

– Availability of land for future expansion

Q9. Pending the construction of a permanent building, can the school be initially started in a temporary hired building?

LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. does not allow this kind of delays in the project. The factors of constructions will always be checked and reviewed. However in extreme conditions, this may be permitted but the hired building should have spacious classrooms (Carpet Area of 400 to 500 SF), in addition to sufficient rooms for co-curricular activities and office accommodation. In such cases, the Trust / Society must make all-out efforts to complete the construction of the permanent school building, in the academic session when the school commences classes for standard VI.

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