CBSE Board Affiliation
CBSE Board Affiliation

Q1. i) To which Board will the School be affiliated?

  1. ii) The school would be following which Board?

Two Central Boards namely CBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education) and CISCE (Council for Indian School Certificate Examination) formally enroll various schools for following the prescribed/ approved course of studies up to Secondary & Sr Secondary classes for the examinations conducted by the respective Board. Schools can also go for IGCSE or IB boards if the market research shows the requirement of that kind of school in the area.

Q.2 i) What are the minimum requirements of affiliation with CBSE?

  1. ii) What are the pre-requisites for affiliation to CBSE?

The detailed information pertaining to pre-requisites and procedure for affiliation of the School with CBSE is given in the booklet “CBSE Affiliation Guidelines”, prepared by LIFE Educare Pvt. Ltd. However, some of the important conditions required to be fulfilled by the schools are as follows:

  1. a) The school should be run/managed by a Trust or society registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 or Societies Registration Act 1860 or relevant Acts of the respective  State Governments. The Trust should be of a non-proprietary character. However,  the condition for formation/registration of a Trust is not essential in case of schools at foreign locations.
  2. b) The school should have a minimum of 2 Acres of land at non-metro locations and 1 Acre at metro locations. The land should be either registered in the name of the Trust  / Society or on a registered lease for a minimum of 33 years at the time of applying for affiliation. It is however suggested that the Society owns at least 1.5 acres of land and may choose to lease the remaining land area.
  3. c) The school should have prior approval/recognition of the State Government. In addition, the school should obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State  Government to the effect that the State Government has no objection for affiliation of the school with CBSE.
  4. d) The school should have a proper scheme of management with a School Management Committee (SMC) to oversee the day-to-day functioning and management of the school.
  5. e) The school should also have requisite infrastructure comprising classrooms, Laboratories, Activities Rooms, and accommodation for various officers & staff; classroom & office furniture and office& teaching equipment, commensurate with its requirements.
  6. f) The Teaching staff should be paid salaries in accordance with the pay scales prescribed by the Central Government or the State Government.
  7. g) The School should have sufficient financial resources to guarantee its continued existence.

Q.3 i) How will the school be affiliated to CBSE?

  1. ii) What is the date when anyone can apply for the affiliation with CBSE?

The details of the procedure for affiliation with CBSE are given in the booklet “CBSE Affiliation Guidelines, prepared by LIFE EDUCARE PVT. LTD. As the school, will initially conduct Primary Classes up to standard VI, these schools will not be affiliated to any Board. These Schools will, however, follow the curriculum of NCERT. As the Schools grow and commence classes in class VII, an Application will be made for affiliation to CBSE for Middle-Class Syllabus (Class VI to VIII). The affiliation with CBSE will have to be effected in 3 stages during the period of vertical growth of the school. The prescribed application forms for affiliation are available with the respective Board. However, effective from June 2006, CBSE has also introduced online submission of application forms for affiliation. The detailed information pertaining to the highest class in the school and the last date for submission of Application for the three stages of affiliation is 30th June every year.

Q.4 At what stage the Schools will apply for Affiliation with CBSE?

School fulfilling the essential norms will have to apply ‘On-Line’ to CBSE initially for approval of Middle-class Syllabus by 30th June of the year, preceding the year in which Class VII is proposed to be started in the school.

Q.5 i) What is the expenditure involved in affiliation?

  1. ii) What are the prescribed fees for affiliation?

The current rates of the affiliation fee payable to CBSE can be found from the time of submitting the application are as given in the succeeding table.

Q.6 i) How much time it takes to get affiliation from CBSE?

  1. ii) Will the schools be evaluated / inspected by CBSE staff ?

Based on the applications received by CBSE up to 30 June, the (CBSE) Board nominates an independent Inspection Team, generally comprising two eminent educationists. The Inspection Team normally visits the School between the months of October to December for carrying out a comprehensive inspection of all departments of the school and based on the report of the Inspection Team, the Schools will be granted conditional or unconditional affiliation by the Board.

Q.7 Can the school be affiliated to State Board apart from CBSE/ICSE?

No School can be affiliated to more than one Board simultaneously. The School will apply for affiliation with CBSE in three stages as given below:

  1. a) Approval of Middle-class syllabus;
  2. b) Provisional Affiliation up to Secondary Level;
  3. c) Up-gradation to Senior Secondary Level.

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