EXAMINATIONS / GRADING system for a School
EXAMINATIONS / GRADING system for a School

Q.1 Will, there be written the examination for students of Class I & II?

No formal examination will be conducted for students of Class I & II. The progress of these students will be assessed through oral and performance-based tests, conducted in an informal and relaxed environment.

Q.2 What would be the grading system for the student?

The grading system in the School will be as per the latest CCE guidelines of CBSE.

Q.3 What evaluation system will be followed in school?

Schools will follow a system of Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation comprising the following three components to evaluate students, achievement:

  1. a) Written Examination / Oral Test.
  2. b) Assignments/project Work.
  3. c) Practical work (For Secondary or Sr Secondary)

Q.4 Will the Board examinations be held in the school itself or some other centers?

The CBSE sets up the examination centers within the premises of an affiliated school, subject to availability of a reasonable number of students appearing for the Board Examination. Thus, in the initial years, the board examinations for the School students may be combined with another center till the school has the stipulated number of students on rolls for appearing in the Board Examination.

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