Sanitation at School
Sanitation at School

Q.1 What will be the hygiene level of the water and sanitation in the school?

The School will have a child-friendly approach to hygiene, sanitation, and water supply facilities, aiming to design facilities that are part of the learning environment and stimulate, & promote appropriate hygiene practices among children. The toilets for children will have dimensions different from those for adults. The schools will also ensure adequate water and storage to meet the requirement of drinking, hand washing and cleaning of toilets. It is envisaged to supply a minimum of 20- 25 liters of water per student per day in the schools. Drinking water storage tanks will be regularly cleaned and if possible checked to ensure that the water is safe for drinking. In addition, all drinking water in the schools will be available for use only after proper treatment through UV / RO water purifiers.

Q.2 What about lunch for children? Are children expected to carry lunch from home or would there be a cafeteria or a mess for them?

The Dining Hall in the School will serve preferably vegetarian snacks & lunch to the students, outsourced from a reputed catering agency. The Students will be served fruits, milk, lunch and evening snack. They may also be served with some nutritious snacks during play-hours or on the way back home. A detailed plan and diet chart will be prepared by a Dietician. It is also necessary to bring in variety and change on a regular basis so that the students don’t get bored with food easily.

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